Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for answers to some frequently asked questions about accidents and the legal process.




If I’m hurt in a car accident, will I get compensated?

In Ontario, even if you were not at fault for the accident, we have to prove that your injuries are “serious and permanent” in order for you to be compensated for pain and suffering.


I’ve been injured in an accident.  When do I have to sue those at fault?

The Limitation Period in Ontario is 2 years, but it’s recommended you act as early as possible.  There are significant advantages to dealing with many matters early on, and it’s our mission to deal with these issues in a timely fashion so that you can concentrate on getting your life back ASAP.


What happens if the accident is partly my fault?

Ontario law allows for a ‘determination of contributory negligence’, which means that you may be partially responsible for your injuries and damages, and another may hold some responsibility as well.  The compensation you receive will reflect your level of responsibility.


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